Department of Meta Human Affairs (DMHA)


Distrusted by some, the DMHA is the government’s link to the Meta Human population.


A government agency created in 1997 to monitor and interact with meta humans. They are rumored to maintain an extensive database on all known meta humans and their known abilities and weaknesses. For Meta Humans they assist in dealing with the press and will occasionally support those that wish to fight crime. They also monitor all interactions concerning Meta Humans in times of war. For the public the DMHA handles claims for property damage and injuries and will occasionally set up press conferences and appearances for super heroes. Finally they are charged with securing and maintaining the top security holding facilities for the criminal element of the Meta Human population.

The Department of Extraterrestrial Affairs (DETA) was absorbed by the DMHA in 2005 to include aliens under the same restrictions as Meta Humans. DETA still operates independently when the incident only involves alien interactions. The also now manage what was once known as Project Blue Book for UFO sightings.

Department of Meta Human Affairs (DMHA)

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