The League of Heroes

Heroes Unlimited (Paladium RPG) Gaming System

Meta Humans have probably existed since the beginning of the human race. They are likely the root of many legendary myths and heroes in ancient times. However, Meta Humans did not become known as what they are until the late 1940’s. Towards the end of World War II, the military began to recognize qualities in some soldiers that made them perform better than the average soldier. These men were unofficially collected and placed in special secret units to analyze and utilize their unique abilities. Few of these units saw real action as the war ended before they could be fully utilized.

Through the 1950’s & 1960’s, their presence remained fairly unknown. By the 1970’s crime was on the rise and the United States was trying to recover from social and political change. The first masked heroes, wanting to make a difference, but not desiring the ties and restrictions that would come from being associated with the police or military. These first masked heroes were met with uncertainty and gained little respect during their time. It was not until the mid 80’s that the whole super hero act became mainstream, but even then there were not really many super heroes in the world. The first super villains didn’t surface until the 1990’s. This lead to super hero’s truly having a purpose. The gained media and public acclaim and the government passed legislation to create the Department of Meta Human Affairs (DMHA) to deal with both heroes & villains.

With the creation of DMHA, heroes gained governmental and legal support for their activities as long as they worked within a specific set of guidelines. The most important restrictions include never putting a citizen in necessary danger, minimizing damages to the property of the innocent, and to come to the defense of the nation in times of need. With the rise of science and technology, meta humans became more numerous. Experiments, accidents, mutations, and even bionics and robotics all added to the rising number of meta humans. Finally in 2003, contact was made with the first alien ambassadors. Initially a new government agency was created to deal with the alien visitors, the Department of Extraterrestrial Affairs (DETA). It was quickly discovered that aliens showed many of the special abilities and attributes of meta humans, so DETA was absorbed as a subsection of DMHA. Over the last few years, the public has grown used to meta humans and often relies on them to serve and protect them.

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League of Heroes

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